What is SEAChem?


We wouldn’t be surprised to find that you had no idea what the “SEA” in “SEAChem” stands for.  Does it refer to our love for the ocean?  Perhaps we’re friends of the Securities Exchange Act?  Or maybe we’re just all from southeast Asia.  If you’re curious about what this means, read on.

The SEA in this name stands for our three core ideals:

  • Secular:  This program will include material that’s consistent with scientific statements that are supported by the majority of practicing chemists.  We will teach the facts – what you do with them is up to you.
  • Eclectic:  This program recognizes that everybody learns differently.  Rather than producing the material in one “right way”, we hope to build a curriculum that allows all students to learn the material in the way best suited to them.
  • Academic:  The material presented in this curriculum will represent the state of science as understood by a majority of people working in the field.

The other principles that guide this project include:

  • Freedom:  These resources will cost nothing to use.  Additionally, everything will be in the public domain, which means that anybody who wishes can utilize, alter, and redistribute them as they see fit.  No exceptions.
  • Inclusiveness:  Homeschoolers and educators of any background are encouraged to contribute to this project.  However, all chemistry resources submitted must be secular, as defined above.
  • Community:  This project can only be successful if the homeschool community gathers together and supports it.  When the first draft of this curriculum is complete, our goal is to let the homeschool community decide the future of this program.

These are the things we believe and the ideals that guide our project.  Why not become a part of it?  If you’re interested, email us at misterguch@gmail.com!