Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions here at SEAChem2020 headquarters and wanted to answer a few of them in case you’re one of those folks who likes to know things but doesn’t like to wait around to get their answers.  Enjoy!

  1. Is this project still in development?  Yes.  I shoot for a new lesson every two weeks.
  2. How do I get permission to use this curriculum?  This curriculum has a Creative Commons CC0 license, so you don’t need permission.  Consider yourself approved!
  3. Can I share this curriculum with others?  Yes, please!
  4. How much does SEAChem2020 cost to use?  It doesn’t cost anything.  If we happen to run into each other someday, buy me a coffee and we’ll call it even.
  5. Who funds this project?  Nobody.  I work on this project for free because I think it’s a good thing to do.  I also cover the site costs.
  6. What does SEAChem2020 mean?  SEA stands for Secular, Eclectic, and Academic, which reflects our origin at the SEA Conference in June 2017 (more about them here).  Chem is, of course, chemistry.  And 2020 is the date at which we hope to finish this curriculum.
  7. I’m a religious homeschooler.  Can I use this with my kids?  Of course.  This curriculum is designed to teach the facts of chemistry.  I’ll leave the religion (or lack thereof) to you.
  8. I found a mistake.  How do I let you know about it?  Click here.
  9. I’m mad about something in this curriculum!  What do I do?  Relax and let me know about it.  Note:  If you aren’t polite, I reserve the right to ignore you.
  10. I love this curriculum and I love you!  Thanks, I guess.