Introducing the SEAChem 2020 project

Welcome to the SEAChem2020 homeschooling chemistry curriculum.  The goal of this project is to build a secular chemistry curriculum that can be freely used, adapted, and improved by homeschooling families, educators, and scientists.  We’re tight with SEA Homeschoolers, and recommend you visit them for great general homeschooling information and resources.

The lessons below are the most recent versions of each lesson.  Each document is available in .odt format (an international ISO/IEC standard document format) and .pdf format (because Apple word processors aren’t ISO/IEC compliant).  If you cannot work with .odt documents, consider downloading the LibreOffice free office suite.

For more information about the SEAChem2020 project, look over at the links on the right column of the page!

Let’s do this.

Ian Guch

Director, SEAChem2020